Katy Perry and Russell Brand Announce Divorce

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are calling it quits after their brief marriage, but the real surprise could be Brand walking away from the divorce with millions of dollars. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

We're learning more about what led to the sudden break-up of pop princess Katy Perry and bad-boy actor Russell Brand.

Perry's father, Keith, an evangelical minister, had nothing to say about the news outside a supermarket in Los Angeles. Sources say the couple privately agreed that Russell Brand would be the one to file divorce papers because Perry was afraid how her deeply religious father would react.

Perry spent New Years Eve with friends at a club in West Hollywood. She was photographed just days before on vacation in Hawaii, looking amazing in a bikini and no wedding ring in sight.

There's talk the marriage was strained because Perry became the bigger star in the 14 months since they wed.

Ian Drew, Sr. Editor of US Weekly magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "Everything that's happening with Katy is on the up-and-up, while everything with Russell just keeps falling down. It's got to be a bruise to a man's ego when his wife is doing so much better than him."

In a statement Russell Brand said: "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

There's word that Brand wanted kids and Perry was in no big rush. When Perry spoke with Barbara Walters for an end-of-year special, she gave no hint of problems. 

Walters asked, "Good marriage? Happy marriage?"

"I think that it's lovely so far," Perry said in the interview.

Brand was also said to be upset over her friendship with pop star Rihanna, her best friend. Brand, a recovering drug and sex addict, was said to be concerned that his wife was partying too much.

Drew told INSIDE EDITION, "So she'd be out partying with her friends and Russell Brand would have to stay home. He didn't really fit with her friends. Her friends were just very different from him."

When the couple wed in India in 2010 they did not sign a pre-nup. In California, that means Brand could walk away from the brief marriage $20-30 million richer.