Murder Mystery on Queen Elizabeth's Estate

Police have launched a murder investigation on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate after a dead body was found on the property where the Royal Family spent the holidays. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's a murder mystery straight out of Sherlock Holmes. A woman's body discovered on the grounds of the Queen's country estate where the royal family just spent Christmas and New Year's.

The shocking story is making international headlines.

The Daily Mail headline reads: "Murder on the Queen's Estate."

The Daily Telegraph reads: "Woman Discovered Near Royal Home Was Murdered."

The body was discovered on New Year's Day by a man walking his dog but the investigation was kept secret for 24 hours.

Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry told reporters, "She is probably the victim of murder."

The entire Royal Family spent Christmas at the estate, including Prince William and his new bride, Kate. The Queen was photographed riding a horse unaware of the grisly discovery just a short distance away.

Royal expert Elaine Lipworth told INSIDE EDITION, "It has shocked everybody in Britian, in particularly, obviously everyone in and close to the Royal Family. A gruesom, horrific murder, a stone's throw, practically, from the Royal residence."

The Queen's estate, known as Sandringham is huge, 31 square miles, making it larger than all of Manhattan.

Hard to believe, but the Queen only uses the estate for two months of the year, always around Christmas time.

It's unknown how long the body has been on the property.