The Raucous at the Caucus

Tuesday's Iowa Caucus race was the closest Caucus ever. INSIDE EDITION reports on the winners, losers and what the pundits are saying.

Michele Bachmann drops out of the Presidential campaign in the wake of her last-place finish in the Iowa Caucuses.

"I have decided to stand aside," Bachmann said at a press conference.

But on Wednesday, Perry shocked everyone by tweeting, "Here we come South Carolina!!!"

He had been expecting to suspend his campaign after just getting 10% of the Iowa vote.

Meanwhile, the nation reacted to the closest caucus finish ever, with Mitt Romney eking out a win over surging Rick Santorum by just eight votes.

On Wednesday Romney got a big endorsement from John McCain.

Donald Trump used the razor-thin finish to diss all the candidates. Appearing on The Today Show, he told Matt Lauer, "I'd like to see more enthusiasm, I'd like to see somebody break away from the pack. Nobody is breaking away from the pack."

Caucus results came in through the wee hours of Wednesday morning, causing cable news anchors to become downright delirious. CNN's Erin Burnett couldn't get one of their interactive screens to work, she began to flick it. Anderson Cooper reacted, "Have we all just given up? It's like 1:30 and we're like, 'Let's just flick it!'"