Andy Dick Living in a Shed

INSIDE EDITION talks to comedian Andy Dick who has been living in a shed while trying to get his life back on track.

He's faced multiple arrests and battles with drug abuse. Now, troubled comedian Andy Dick is opening up about how his downward spiral led him to living in this shack.

Andy Dick lives on a Los Angeles property owned by his ex-girlfriend in an upscale neighborhood. But he doesnt live in the front house. He lives out back in a shed, and he admits it's all his own fault.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke with Andy Dick in Los Angeles.

"It's never good when I drink. No good comes from it. Ever," said Dick.

Dick admits his well documented alcohol abuse has landed him with multiple arrests, including being busted for public intoxication at a California restaurant in May.

Tthe year before he was arrested in West Virgina on sexual abuse charges after reportedly groping a bartender and patron. He denies doing anything wrong.

And then there was the time he barged into a Los Angeles home. The bizarre break-in was captured on a 911 call.

After burning bridges, job opportunities are scarce.

"There are many people who don't want to work with you anymore," said Moret.

Dick admitted, "I have to do my own things because people are afraid to hire me."

To make ends meet, he's moved into the backyard, where he gets visits from his kids and dogs who live in the main house. As for his shed, he's done his best to make it habitable.

"It's a mancave. I got a 50 or 60 inch plasma with a sound system that will knock your ears out," said Dick.

He says he's transformed himself too. The former Newsradio star and regular on Comedy Central roasts, says he's now nine months sober.

Dick said, "I have a long nice stretch of sobriety behind me and with me right now."

He's eager to win back fans and he hopes his ticket back is his new film Division Three: Football's Finest. He plays a sadistic, self-destructive coach which he says is his best work yet.

He knows he put himself in the doghouse with his friends and fans but Andy Dick wants people to start taking this comedian seriously.

"Let's start forgetting about my public antics,and let's, me included, start to focus on the fact that, remember I'm an actor," exclaimed Dick.