More Details Emerge in Murder on Royal Estate

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the murder mystery surrounding the Queen’s country estate where, including the possible identity of the victim.

We're learning more about the mysterious murder of a young woman whose body was found on the Queen's country estate.

The victim is believed to be one of  two attractive women who disappeared around the same time last August. One is a 17-year-old immigrant from Latvia and the other is a 29-year-old from Lithuania.

They both live in villages near the Queen's estate. Police refused to say which of the two is the dead woman.

And we're now learning that Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton were just a few feet away from coming across the body during their holiday vacation.

The newlyweds were hunting pheasant with Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family in a field close to where the body was found.

____ told INSIDE EDITION, "It's really sinister to think that they were doing this just feet from where the body was lying and it's highly possible that anyone could have come across the body."