Dakota Fanning's Cover Controversy

Dakota Fanning is featured on the February cover of Cosmopolitan and the cover is causing an uproar. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the magazine cover causing a firestorm.

17-year-old Dakota Fanning in a figure hugging beaded dress on the February issue of Cosmopolitan. But it's not her dress that's causing a stir, it's the racy headlines around her.

The headlines read: "His Best Sex Ever" and "Too Naughty To Say Here: But You Have To Try This Sex Trick"

Now, many are wondering if the actress, who turns 18 next month, is too young to share the cover with such adult headlines.

"In the eyes of the law, Fanning is still underage." wrote a blogger on styleite.com. Other online comments call it "Icky," and "Sad."

But a comment posted on The Huffington Post says,"She is one of the smartest and mature 17 year olds I have seen. I have no problem with the cover."

"This is much ado about nothing." wrote another commenter.

But Cosmopolitan is standing by the cover saying, "Dakota is a mature, fearless young woman and we are proud to honor her."

The controversial cover comes hot on the heels of Dakota's risqué Marc Jacobs ad, featuring a large bottle of perfume placed provocatively between her legs. The ad appears in magazines in the USA, but was banned in Britain for appearing to "sexualize a child."