The Tragic Connecticut Fire Funeral

The children who lost their lives at that horrific Christmas Day fire in Connecticut are laid to rest. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A grief that knows no bounds.

The parents of the three young sisters killed in the Connecticut blaze on Christmas morning say goodbye to their little angels.

A gorgeous photo of seven-year-old twins Sarah and Grace Badger and their 10-year-old sister Lilly was on the front of the prayer sheet at their funeral.

Mourners stood in line to pay their respects. Among those grieving was famed fashion designer Calvin Klein, who the dead girls' mother used to work for. Designer Vera Wang was also there.

New York's usually bustling Fifth Avenue fell silent as the funeral cortege pulled up in line abreast, the lights of its police escort flashing.

Madonna Badger arrived with boyfriend Michael Borcina, who also survived the horrific blaze at the home in Stamford. She stood side by side with her ex husband, Matthew Badger, who are sharing in their mutual grief.

Mother and father held hands as they braced for their daughters' coffins to be carried in one by one. At first they managed to remain composed but as the first of the little girls' caskets was borne from the hearse, the tears flowed.

The mom's head sank to her ex-husband's chest when the second casket was carried in, red-eyed, he struggled to contain his sorrow.

The couple then folowed the third casket into the church giving each other a tender hung as they endoured one of the worst days of their lives.

Badger actually got up before the congregation and told stories of her daughters.

Firefighters who battled the blaze formed an honor guard as the coffins were brought out of the church after the service.

Badger again sobbed as they watched their childrens' remains being put in the hearses.

But on a day of heartbreak comes proof that lives can be rebuilt after unspeakable tragedy.

It's just been announced that William Petit, the Connecticut Doctor who lost his wife and two daughters to savage home invaders, is engaged.

He has found happiness again with Christine Paluf, a photographer who often accompanied him to the trials of his family's killers.

Family friend, Ann Baldwin told INSIDE EDITION how Dr. Petit finally managed to find love after unthinkable tragedy.

"The have been dating now, since last spring," Baldwin said. She continued saying, "They actually met, Christine was doing marketing for the country club Dr. Petit belongs to."

Therapist Dr. Gail Saltz says, "Human beings have the strength to have terrible losses and terrible tragedy and work to pyschically overcome it. I think it is an optomistic lesson for everybody."

For information on the Petit Family Foundation, click here.