War Hero Beaten by Fans After Hockey Game

In another case of sports fan violence, a decorated war hero was brutally beaten by fans of the opposing team after a hockey game. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A brutal attack on an American war hero was caught on tape.

Police released a disturbing video showing two New York hockey fans being hit by men wearing jerseys showing them to be Philadelphia Flyers fans.

On the video the New York Ranger fan can be seen being sucker-punched. He lied motionless on the ground as the attackers calmly strode away.

What they didn't know is that the victim is a decorated war veteran who served his nation in Iraq. Neal Auricchio is now a police officer with the Woodbridge police department in New Jersey .

The outrageous attack took place outside Geno's, a famous Philadelphia cheese steak restaurant, after the Rangers beat the Flyers in the NHL's winter classic.

One of the alleged attackers actually posted video that he shot on his Facebook account with an in-your-face challenge: "It was me and my friends, do something about it."

That man is now saying he had nothing to do with the assault. Sources say police are close to making arrests.

Hours before the attack, Auricchio looked thrilled to be at the game.

Auricchio was treated for a concussion.