Cops Say A Drunk Passenger Caused Havoc on an Airplane

Cops say a drunk passenger caused havoc on board a flight and passengers were forced to take action. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a terrifying time in the sky for people on a Delta flight as a passenger who appeared incredibly drunk allegedly assaulted a flight attendant.

Several passengers sprung into action, restraining the man. The passengers had to physically put the intoxicated passenger back into his seat. A passenger sat on each side to keep him from getting up. Others stood over him in the aisle to make sure he didn't make a move.

The Delta flight was heading from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

Ed Barrera was on the flight and shot a video on his iPhone.

"I kind of saw a little bit of a scuffle, then I saw the flight attendant walk up, then I saw a kind of cut on his nose and he was bleeding and at that point I saw a couple of the gentlemen try to pick him up and relocate him from the exit row seat," Barrera told INSIDE EDITION.

Once the aircraft landed in Los Angeles, cops boarded the plane. However, getting the passenger to disembark wasn't easy. He would not or could not stand .

"He was saying, 'She me some respect,' and it was at this point right here, where they were picking him up by the pants and dragging him out" said Barrera.

As soon as the authorities were able to drag the passenger, identified as Allen Chaves, off the plane, the passengers thunderously applauded.