New Clues to Casey Anthony's Online Video

INSIDE EDITION has all the details about the new clues in that viral Casey Anthony video causing controversy on the web.

New photos of Casey Anthony are going viral, revealing startling new information about her life since her release from jail.

It's all surfacing in the wake of Casey's explosive video diary.

"It's been a long time since I've been able to call something mine and now I have something even, you know, as silly as saying that I have a computer, and a camera and a phone,'' Anthony said in the now infamous web video.

One new photo shows Casey sprawled out on the floor in boots that look too big for her. Another shows her in a bar. Others are taken in a wood-paneled room just like the one where the video diary was made.

Rob Hensley, who describes himself as a friend of a friend of Casey's, says he was among the first to see the video.

On a facebook page called "Casey Anthony Case" he wrote:"She is dating someone and does work for his company. She has a nose ring now and her hair is red. She isn't hiding. She is out in public all the time."

The video diary is being studied for clues about Casey's new life.

"This is the first of many. I'm looking forward to this. It's a little scary because I hate being on camera, but I don't know...Maybe I can conquer that fear at some point. It's a good start," Casey said.

Nancy Grace studied the video for her show on HLN and told INSIDE EDITION, "At two if not three critical points audio drops out so you don't hear her say a name, we believe it's John, someone who bought her the camera. When she talks about her family sound drops out again."

There are other intriguing new clues, the entire video appears to be a mirror image.

If you flip the image you can read the poster behind her clearly says "Help Wanted," and over her shoulder there's a child-like picture of the sun and flowers.

Anthony's self-centeredness is evident throughout, she uses the words 'I' 'Me' and 'Myself' 51 times.

Grace says, "I see this as an extension of her own narcissism where she thinks everything is about her."

But Fox News' Geraldo Rivera is coming to Anthony's defence, "It's a video diary, what is she going to say, "We" and speak in the Imperial sence."

Anthony's failure to mention her slain daughter, Caylee and her revelation that she has adopted a dog to keep her company are also causing outrage.

Grace then pointed out, "She talks about 'I adopted' as if she's adopted a baby. That only brings back memories that she once wanted to put Caylee up for adoption"