Brad Pitt Hits the Red Carpet with a Cane

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Brad Pitt on the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival where the A-lister showed up with a cane.

Why was Brad Pitt walking with a cane?

He shocked everyone when he showed up with his new accessory at the Palm Springs Film Festival where he received an award.

So what happened? Pitt's other half, Angelina Jolie, told INSIDE EDITION he was carrying their three-year-old daughter Vivienne down a ski slope when he fell and tore a ligament in his knee.

"Viv is okay. She's fine. It happened to me when Mad was younger. I took a fall as well and cracked my elbow," said Jolie.

Jolie thinks the cane makes Pitt look even sexier.

"I like the cane," said Jolie.

Speaking of sexy, Pitt is competing against his good buddy, George Clooney, for Best Actor honors at this weekend's Golden Globe Awards.

Clooney was in Palm Springs with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler. He received a Career Achievement award from the festival. He joked that his friend Brad will do anything to win the Golden Globe.

"He runs a very good, sexy campaign. You know, he's been doing this for years. He does a lot of grooming," joked Clooney.

Then Clooney asked Keibler, "Am I a groomer?"

"Yes," replied Keibler.

And we caught up with congresswoman Mary Bono-Mack. She told INSIDE EDITION how her stepson Chaz Bono is holding up after his split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia.

"He's hurting a little bit, but he's hanging tough," said Bono-Mack.