Woman Nearly Plunges to Death in Bungee Cord Snap

A young woman narrowly escaped death when a bungee cord snapped, plunging her 33 stories down into a crocodile-infested river. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who’s lucky to be alive.

It was a heart-stopping sight of as a young woman bungee-jumped off a 365-foot bridge, and suddenly the cord snapped.

And here's an even bigger jaw-dropper—the jumper is alive and well, and sharing her amazing story with INSIDE EDITION. 22-year-old Australian Erin Langworthy suffered bruises on her arms and her back, and that's not all.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke with Langworthy, saying, "You're lucky to be alive."

"I'm alive, and a lot better off than I should be," said Langworthy.

Alexander asked, "You realized you were coughing up blood?"

"That's never a good sign. That's when panic set it," replied Langworthy.

To get an idea of the height that Erin plunged off Zimbabwe's Victoria Bridge, consider this—it's pretty much the equivalent of leaping off a 33-story building.

It was a topic of wonder for the morning show anchors, especially Matt Lauer.

"Matt, you once had a chance to jump off that very same bridge," said Ann Currey.

Lauer said, "They said, 'Would you end the show by jumping off the bridge?' I declined."

Needless to say, Langworthy hit the water hard.

"I felt a sudden pain in my chest as I fell to the water. It all went dark," said Langworthy.

Just to add a bit of drama to the situation, the Zambesi river is infested with crocodiles. Luckily, Langworthy didn't encounter any.

Langworthy's good friend Rebecca Johnson captured the drama on tape.

"It was panic on the bridge," said Johnson.

Somehow, Langworthy swam to the riverbank and was pulled ashore by rescue workers. She was flown to a hospital, where her injuries were treated. But she's still hurting from her New Year's Eve jump gone horribly wrong.

Alexander asked, "Does it hurt to breathe?"

"Both of my lungs are partially collapsed," said Langworthy.

And here's some news that probably won't surprise you.

"Will you ever bungee-jump again?" asked Alexander.

"Probably not anytime soon," said Langworthy.