Former Model and Former NFL Player Charged in Murder Plot

INSIDE EDITION reports on what cops say is a love triangle murder involving a former model and a former NFL player who are charged with the murder of her wealthy boyfriend over 15 years ago.

A former model, Nanette Johnston, was brought into court to face murder charges. The pampered life she once lived is now just a distant memory.

Prosecutors say she and her lover, a former New England Patriots linebacker, Eric Naposki, conspired to murder her millionaire boyfriend, Bill McLaughlin.

In court a prosecuting attorney said, "The killer then walked into his house and shot Bill six times. One of the bullets tore through Bill's heart."

Mclaughlin was shot dead in the kitchen of his home in Newport Beach, California, around Christmas 1994.

The case went cold and remained unsolved for 15 years. Then investigators reopened the case and traced the gun used in the murder to the former professional football player who had been Nanette's personal trainer, and also her lover. Prosecutors say the pair planned to live together on $1 million in life insurance money and hundreds of thousands of dollars she had secretly stolen from her boyfriend.

Outside the courtroom a reporter asked Nanetter, "Anything to say, Nanette?"

"I'm innocent," said Nanette.

Nanette has denied arranging for the murder of her millionaire sugar daddy.

Her former lover, Eric Naposki, was found guilty of murder last year. Nanette claims he acted alone.

"At the end of the case ladies and gentlemen, when you sit down with these facts, you're going to hold this woman accountable for what she did, and you're going to convict her of this murder," said the prosecuting attorney.

But Nanette's defense attorney says she had every reason to want her millionaire meal ticket to stay alive.

"Money is way more important to her than love. Money is way more important to her than a good-looking NFL player. She wants someone with money and she wants to be taken care of," said a defense attorney.