Casey Anthony Claims She was Raped

In a new twist to the never-ending Casey Anthony saga, Casey claims she was raped and that is how her late daughter, Caylee was conceived. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

Casey Anthony claims she was raped and that's how her daughter Caylee was conceived .

It's a shocking new revelation the jury in her murder trial never heard.

According to newly released court documents, Casey told two defense psychiatrists it happened at a wild party.

"Two beers, possibly given another drug. Passed out. Don't remember anything at a party aged 18. This is how she said she got pregnant." one doctor said in a deposition.

True Crime host, Aphrodite Jones tells INSIDE EDITION, "This story about date rape is dispicable because what she is doing in some way is alleviating the fact that this child is dead and perhaps, she never wanted her. That is what date rape says. This child was ill-conceived."

Casey told the psychiatrists she does not know who Caylee's father is and even contradicted her own rape claims by making the outlandish charge that her own dad, George Anthony, may have fathered Caylee.

George Anthony denied molesting Casey on the witness stand and Thursday his attorney said in a statement: "He has repeatedly said he never molested any member of his family, including Casey Anthony."

Nancy Grace scoffed at Casey's claims on Good Morning America.

"By my own count and I don't know the half of it, there are 13 stories as to who Caylee's father could be and now she's trying to pin it on George yet again. What more does that man have to go through?" said Grace.