Kris Jenner Responds to the Claims that Khloe is Not a Kardashian

Kris Jenner responds to the claims that her daughter Khloe is not a true Kardashian. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Kris Jenner was on Good Morning America Thursday reacting to the Star magazine cover story with a headline that jumps off the page: "Khloe is Not a Kardashian."

"I gave birth, I know who the dad was. Everything is good," Jenner said on Good Morning America.

The latest Kardashian controversy erupted after Ellen Kardashian, quoted her late husband, Robert Kardashian as exprssing doubts that Khloe was his biological child.

Ellen works as a real estate agent in California.

"Khloe would bring up from time to time that she was not a Kardashian, that she didn't look like anybody and what happened. And sometimes it would be just in fun and other times it would be serious," Ellen told Star magazine.

Physically, Khloe certainly stands apart from her sisters. She's 5' 10". Sister Courtney is just five feet, and Kim is 5' 2".

Photographers swarmed Kim on Wednesday asking her about the claims. Kim had an angry two word comment when she was spotted outside a hair salon in Beverly Hills, "Absolutely Ridicuous."

Kim was a no-show at Wednesday's People's Choice Awards where she won for favorite reality star.

On the red carpet, we caught up with Dancing With The Stars' Cheryl Burke, who got to know the Kardashian clan when she danced with Kim's brother, Rob.

"I think that is ridiculous and that's all I have to say. They are all Kardashians," Burke told INSIDE EDITION.

On The View Thursday, Whoopie Goldberg defended Khloe.

"Khloe tweeted that these people should be ashamed of themselves and I agree with her," said Goldberg.

But in the end, and maybe not suprisingly, Kris is looking on the bright side - more material for more reality TV.

"It's going to be another great episode. So, thank you," said Kris.