Highlights From the North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto show returned to Detroit and INSIDE EDITION has all the details on the new slick cars and highlights of the event.

The crowds and the gleaming new cars added to the excitment and enthusiasm at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Bob Shuman, one of the show's organizers told INSIDE EDITION, "2009 was kind of down, 2010 was a little bit better but it was very cautious. This year the buzz is back. It's excitement and optimism."

Some of the displays cost upwards of a million dollars and showed quite literally that the industry is back on track. 

The night before the show opened to the public, nearly 10,000 people attended a black-tie preview. 

Of course the cars are the real stars of this show, and standing just a few feet away were attractive models answering everyone's questions.

Nearly every car maker has an electric model ready for the road and small cars are getting lots of second looks.

Some cars, like the Chevy Envy will take us into the future.

"General Motors and Segway have partnered together and so it's built on the Segway platform and has the gyroscope techonolgy underneath. There is no stearing wheel, its a touch pad. With that touch pad, you can program where you want to go and the vehicle does have the capability of driving autonimously," said the Envy model.

Families are paying attention to practicle SUV's, but that didn't mean that ultra luxurious models like the Maybach or the Bentley were being ignored.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, the Ford Fusion was a favorite of show-goers. It had so many locals proud and relieved that the auto industry, which really touches every local business, is at long last well on the road to recovery.

"If the automotives are the first thing back, the country is going to follow it back," said a spectator.