The Dispatches Between Captain Coward and Italy's Coast Guard Surface

INSIDE EDITION has the dispatches between the Italian Coast Guard and the cowardly Captain of the cruise ship that sunk off the coast of Italy.

Life on board that doomed cruise ship just hours before it capsized had crew members dancing and singing with passengers.

It was one giant party at sea captured in a video taken by a young couple from Virginia who got off the ship just hours before it struck a rock and sank off the coast of Italy.

Leonard Pieton and Emily Bonilla say the ship was totally disorganized and they were three days at sea before there was an evacuation drill.

"It's surreal. You don't expect to see the ship you just step off of halfway underwater," said Pieton.

"If we had problems at the buffet everyday, I can imagine the chaos that occured that day," said Bonilla.

The couple actually got engaged on the trip and there's a picture that will haunt them, of Bonilla with the ship's Captain. The Capitain is now under house arrest accused of abandoning his ship and known throughout the world as "Captain Coward."

Another home video surfaced of Captain Schettino on board the ship. According to reports the married Captain was wining and dining a female companion when his ship hit a rocky reef, and even as it was sinking he demanded drinks and dessert for his date.

On Tuesday radio dispatches between Captain Schettino and Italian Coast Guard were released.

The Italian Coast Guard angrily ordered the Captain to return to his ship after he abandoned it, leaving his passengers to fend for themselves.

Coast Guard: "Go on board and coordinate rescues from on board. Do you refuse?"

Captain: "No, no, I'm not refusing."

Coast Guard: "You're refusing to go aboard, Commander! Tell me why you're not going? Go aboard! It's an order!"

Captain Schettino replied: "Do you realize that it's dark here and we can't see a thing?"

"And what, do you want to go home? It's dark, so you want to go home? You go aboard and you tell me whether there are children, women or people needing assistance. Is that clear? Maybe you saved yourself from the sea, but I'll make you pay for sure. Go aboard," demanded the Coast Guard.

That inexcusable behavoir is unike the Titanic's Captain Smith, who went down with his ship.

Rescuers blasted holes in the hull of the Concordia to reach remote parts of the ship. Pictures were taken in the underwater dining rooms of the eerie remains of life at sea. Once a floating pleasure palace-now a watery tomb.