Meet the Man Who Became Zombie

INSIDE EDITION goes to the tattoo parlor with the man known only as Zombie to find out why he would want to cover his body in ink.

If you think Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has gone a little too far with the tattoos, check out the man called "Zombie."

It's easy to see why he goes by the moniker Zombie. Every inch of his head, neck, torso and arms is tattooed to make him look like one of the living dead. Even his armpits and eyelids are tattooed.

Before the transformation, Zombie was actually quite handsome. Not surprisingly, his appearance now draws stares from passersby.

So why would McGee and Zombie cover their bodies in ink?

"The statement I'm trying to make is anti-conformity and anti-establishment," Zombie explains.

Zombie is 24 and lives in Montreal, but he didn't want INSIDE EDITION to use his real name. The day INSIDE EDITION caught up with him, he got a touch-up at his regular tattoo parlor.

Zombie says he has no fears that he might regret the tattoos when he's older.

"It's become part of my lifestyle, and I can't picture being any other way," he says.