More Reports of Cowardly Captain Surface of the Cruise Ship Disaster

The public expresses outrage and more reports surface of the Captain who abandoned ship. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"He drove the cruise ship like a Ferrari," is the stunning new claim being made Wednesday about the Captain now being called, "Chicken of the Sea."

Crew members are describing the Captain as a reckless egomaniac.

Captain Francesco Schettino is finally fessing up, telling a judge in open court he steered the ship too close to shore to "salute" a retired fellow cruise ship Captain, "with whom I was on the telephone."

"I made a mistake" he said, "I was navigating by sight because I knew the depths well and I had done this maneuvre three or four times. But this time I ordered the turn too late."

Furious survivors have started a Facebook page, with a picture of the Captain dressed as a pirate, to express their outrage.

One person commented, "You have shown us that you are not a man!"

"He has committed a crime worthy of an assassin," said another.

But the Captain does have one supporter, his wife. She says he's a hero, saying. "His decisive actions helped limit the consequences of the accident."

We're learning more about what was happening when the ship collided with a rock. Believe it or not, passengers say Celine Dion's theme song from the movie Titanic was playing in the dining room.

There was a loud crunch and then the song was interrupted by an announcement that said there was an electrical fault.

We now know that the situation was much worse than that, like the Titanic, the Costa Concordia was already doomed. Soon the passengers were scrambling for their lives.