Model In Airplane Propeller Accident Leaves the Hospital

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the model who was hit by an airplane propeller last fall and is now leaving rehab.

The first video of model Lauren Scruggs as she leaves the hospital in Dallas, Texas has surfaced. 

The gorgeous model and fashion blogger was severely injured when she walked into the moving propeller of the plane.

She left the hospital with her twin sister, Brittany and both her parents. A Dallas Cowboys cap shielded a large bandage over the left side of Lauren's face. 

23-year-old Scruggs lost her left eye and her left hand in the accident that happened after she took a plane ride to view Christmas lights over Dallas.

Scruggs got out of the plane while the propeller was still spinning. Her parents believe she turned to say goodbye to the pilot, who is a friend and did not notice where she was walking when she stepped into the propeller.

The National Transit Safety Board interviewed the pilot and just released a report saying he verbally told Scruggs to walk behind the plane. 

It goes on to say: "The pilot leaned out of his seat and placed his right hand and arm in front of her to divert her away from the front of the airplane and the propeller."

It then said, "The pilot then looked to the left side of the airplane and opened his window to ask who was next to go for a ride." The report continued: "He then heard someone yell 'Stop! Stop!'."

That was the begining of Scrugg's long and excruciating ordeal. 

She'll continue with rehab but is now happily home with her family.  Her mother said her recovery is coming along "amazingly well."