The Woman Behind Captain Coward's Attention

INSIDE EDITION has details on the woman who was reportedly being wined and dined by the man being called Captain Coward when the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster struck.

Here she is—the mystery blonde the disgraced Chicken of the Sea captain was reportedly wining and dining as his cruise ship sank.   

The 25-year-old beauty was seen on the bridge with the married captain when the ship collided against the rocks. Reportedly, he was trying to impress her and demanded drinks and dessert for his date, even as the cruise ship was sinking.

Her name is Domnica. She's from the Eastern European nation of Moldova and now she's coming forward to defend the man the whole world is ridiculing as "Captain Coward."

She works for the cruise line as a passenger liason and says she stayed by the captain's side because she speaks five languages and could relay his instructions to the international passengers and crew.

"He did a great thing. He saved over 3,000 lives," she said.

Extraordinary video from deep inside the capsized cruise ship was seen today. In the video you can see chandeliers that adorned the lounge—now completely submerged.

And we're learning the identities of the victims. Among them, the ship's violinist, 38-year-old Sandor Feher. He was seen helping crying children put on their lifejackets. He drowned when he went back to his cabin to retrieve his cherished violin.

And there's a heartbreaking image of the youngest passenger believed to be lost in the disaster—5-year-old Dayana Arlotti. She was on vacation with her dad, William who is also missing. Dayana was last seen falling into the water as the ship rolled onto its side.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, a candlelight vigil was held for Jerry and Barbara Heil, the two Americans still missing. Their friends and family are still holding out hope they might somehow be found alive.