911 Calls Come Into Question in Light of Murder Charges

In a frantic 911 call, a woman said an intruder shot her husband. Now, she's been charged for the murder and some are asking if her 911 call was all just an act. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

A woman named Michelle Williams stands accused of killing her husband with a bullet to the head.

She had nothing to say to reporters, but she had plenty to say in a jaw-dropping 911 call that alerted authorities to the bloody crime.

Williams: "He was shot in the head!"

911 Operator: "Your husband was shot in the head?"

That's a frantic Williams calling authorities from her posh home in suburban Dallas. But was it all just a remarkable acting job?

The hysterical call lasted more than seven minutes. Williams claimed her husband had been shot by an intruder in front of their four year old daughter. The operator pressed for details.

Williams: "I don't know. I got hit really hard."

911 Operator: "You were hit in the head?"

Williams: "Yes."

Police would later say her head wound was self-inflicted. They rushed to the scene, and that's when the story takes a hairpin turn.

Cops say she changed her story, claiming her husband had committed suicide and she tried to cover it up, for the sake of their daughter.

And now, Act Three in this real-life drama—Williams herself is being charged for the murder of her husband.

22-year-old Amy Slevin is Gregory Williams' stepdaughter from a previous marriage. She always loved her stepdad, but she never trusted Michelle.

Gergory Williams ran an information technology business out of his lavish home, the same place he was slain.

Slevin has listened to the 911 call many times and considers it nothing more than a dramatic performance.

"From the beginning, my family knew this was fake. She is quite an actress," said Slevin.