What Happens if Sandra Bullock Divorces Jesse James?

What happens if Sandra Bullock divorces Jesse James? If she doesn’t have a prenuptial agreement, James could get half of her reported $100 million net worth! INSIDE EDITION has more.

What happens if Sandra Bullock divorces Jesse James? Millions of dollars are at stake.  

"I would tell Sandra, 'No knee jerk reactions,' " says celebrity attorney Debra Opri.

The money on the line is staggering. Bullock's net worth is estimated at $100 million at least, and she's ranked number six on Forbes magazine's list of top earning actresses.

And James is no slouch either. His company, West Coast Choppers, makes custom motorcycles and has grown into an empire of TV shows, restaurants, and even his own line of clothing.

"Sandra is a very wealthy woman and she stands to lose 50 per cent of everything she earned. But she's also a very smart woman and she probably has a prenup, which means she keeps her money," Opri says.

Then there are James's three kids, who Bullock says she considers her own.

"The courts would be keen on helping Sandra keep whatever relationship she had established with the step-children. It's in the best interests of the children," Opri tells INSIDE EDITION.

James's foolish behavior also threatens to reopen the legal battle over his youngest child Sunny. Former porn star Janine Lindemulder was James's second wife. Just four months ago she lost a custody battle with her ex over Sunny.  

Bullock even wrote a letter to the judge, saying: "We have now created a home where Sunny flourishes and feels safe."

But legal experts say Lindemulder may now have grounds to have the custody case reopened.

"Any custody orders that were recently made concerning Sunny, it's guaranteed that the courts are going to revisit them," says Opri.

Lindemulder posted this sarcastic message on her Twitter page: "Thank God for my FAITHFUL hubby!! ;) "

But she does offer sympathy for Bullock, tweeting: "Cant help but to feel for her."