Is Stacey Keibler George Clooney's Good Luck Charm?

INSIDE EDITION gives the back story on George Clooney's new girl, Stacy Keibler and how she went from WWE to Dancing with the Stars to Clooney's arms.

It's George Clooney as you've never heard him, cheerfully foul-mouthed in a Newsweek round-table discussion with his fellow awards contendors.

Some highlights of Clooney, "I don't give a ***, people would say that's a sellout, you know what, **** you!"

At the roundtable that included, Charlize Theron, Viola Davis, Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton and Christopher Plummer, Clooney talked about his worst job ever, selling ladies' shoes.

"All women lie about their feet. They'd say, 'I wear a six,' and it's really a  twelve," Clooney remarked.

Davis, the co-star of The Help, spoke of her struggle to succeed and got a boost from Theron.

"I'm a 46-year-old black woman who doesn't look like Halle Berry," said Davis.

"I have to stop you there! You're hot as ****, you look amazing," declared Theron.

All the stars are leading contenders for an Oscar® nomination this year.

If Clooney seems as happy as he has ever been, his new girlfriend, former WWE wrestler, Stacy Keibler, may be the answer.

Us Weekly Senior Editor, Ian Drew told INSIDE EDITION,  "George doesn't necessarily look to date the A-list women. He likes to be in control, so he goes for women that are not the highest on the celebrity food chain, and he takes the lead."

Kiebler's legs measure an astonishing 42 inches.

She was a hit on Dancing with the Stars in 2006 as she placed third in the competiton. She's been number one with Clooney since last August.

So are there wedding bells in the future for the silver fox and the lady wrestler? Dont bet on it.

For now, it seems that Clooney is married to his work as he notioned at the Newsweek roundtable, "I'm trying to make movies that'll last longer than an opening weekend."