The Woman Bitten By A Zebra Speaks Out

Meagan Sweatman, the woman who was bit by a zebra while visiting a park in Texas speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the incident.

It was no joke for Meagan Sweatman.

The 23-year-old and her family were vacationing at an exotic ranch in Texas. It's a place where you can get very close to the animals.  They brought along animal food, something the park encourages.

Her husband had no problems feeding an emu but Meagan wanted a closer encounter with the windows all the way down.

Sweatman tells INSIDE EDITION, "I wanted to get my picture with all the animals. I was holding food so they can come closer."

Then along came a curious and hungry zebra who stuck its head into the car.  It began eating right out of Sweatman's lap. 

But then she turned away for a split second and he pounced.

"I wanted to know if I was like, missing a chunk," said Sweatman.

Sweatman says an official at the park told her zebras don't have teeth and that she was just feeling it's lips.

Sweatman put the video of her getting bitten on Youtube, but now the zebra attack is being viewed all over the world.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked her if she is surprised that the video has gone viral?

Sweatman said, "Very surprised. It just seems like overnight it just went crazy."

Sweatman says she was not seriously hurt, she was bruised but fortunately, the bite didn't break skin.