Heroic Husband Rescues Wife

The ultimate story of love and survival, INSIDE EDITION interviews the heroic husband who saved his wife after she fell 70 feet down a rock canyon.

It is the ultimate story of love and survival.

Kellee Healy's legs, scapula, ribs and sternum are all broken. Metal pins hold her shattered bones in place. Her skull is fractured and her toes had to be amputated.

Yet, she is still alive. She owes her miraculous survival to Todd, her loving husband of 25 years.

The couple was on a hike when Kellee fell 70 feet down a rocky canyon along the Utah-Arizona border. 

Her husband immediately applied first aid built a fire and tried to comfort his wife.

He hugged Kellee, trying to warm her in the freezing cold but he'd have to hike out of the canyon alone to get help.

It took him 30 minutes to reach his car, then another 20 minutes to drive to where he could get a signal to call 911.

When he returned to his wife, they had to wait four more torturous hours until a helicopter finally arrived.

"I am just so grateful for the strength of my husband," Kellee tells INSIDE EDITION.

Kellee was transported to a trauma center in Salt Lake City, Utah and is now getting around the clock medical care and physical therapy for all of her injuries.

She will have to endure months of rehabilitation but expects to make a full recovery, thanks to the devotion and determination of her heroic husband.
"I feel everyday overhwhelming grateful that she is still with me," says Todd.