The YouTube Stalker That Struck Fear in a Young Woman

Kristen Pratt, a young woman speaks to INSIDE EDITION about a stalker who took his obsession with her to YouTube and created disturbing videos that haunted Pratt.

Imagine how you'd feel knowing a creepy-looking guy was obsessed with you, even posting disturbing videos on YouTube specifically for you.

Kristen Pratt is a young woman who had to endure exactly that.

"I just knew that my life was in danger," Pratt told INSIDE EDITION.

Pratt was in the same class as Patrick Macchione at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where he was on a full scholarship.

He reached out to her and they became Facebook friends. But after just a month things turned ugly.

Pratt says, "They just started getting violent. It was just crazy. It was scary to see these messages, there were so many."

Macchione would say things to Pratt like, "I'll kill you before you kill me."

Then Macchione started bombarding Pratt with phone calls.There were dozens of Facebook messages too.

And of course, there were those threatening YouTube videos.

One of the videos, shot outside a restaurant where Pratt worked as a waitress. She drove by in her grey car, unaware that her stalker was just a few feet away. He droped his backpack and ran after her car.

Another disturbing video shows Machionne making a gun gesture towards the camera.

Pratt got an order of protection against Macchione, but cops say he violated it 19 times.

After three years of torturing Pratt, Macchione stood trial for cyber stalking.

Pratt testified about her nightmare.

She said on the stand, "I was always looking over my shoulder. I was always nervous, freightened that at any moment I could walk out of a building and nobody would ever see me again."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Pratt what was the hardest part about testifying.

Pratt says, "Knowing that someone had tormented me for so long was just a couple feet away."

Macchione was just sentenced to four years in prison with two years credit for time served and must wear an ankle bracelet when he gets out.

Pratt says, "All that stands between me and this person who could kill me is an ankle bracelet."