Gabby Giffords is Stepping Down

INSIDE EDITION explains what the future could hold for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords since announcing her resignation.

Gabby Giffords ' final act in her district as a member of Congress.

Walking with a limp, Giffords smiled warmly as she met supporters at the Gabrielle Giffords Family Assistance Center in Tucson, Arizona, a food bank established with money donated after she was shot a year ago.

"I don't remember much of that terrible day," Giffords said in a video where she announced her resignation.

Her return to the meet and greet came on the heels of her big announcement that she's resigning this week.

Now everyone's wondering what her future holds. There's even buzz that she'll some day run for the U.S. Senate.

We asked Neurologist Chan Roonprapunt of Roosevelt Hospital in New York, what's possible for Giffords in the future.

"It appears that she still needs extensive rehabilitation. I am cautiously optimistic that she has the possibility of regaining a lot of her functions," Roonprapunt told INSIDE EDITION.