Richard Heene Goes to Jail

Richard Heene, the man behind the infamous Balloon Boy hoax, reported to jail to start his 30-day sentence on January 11. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He's running to get into jail! Richard Heene turned himself in to authorities Monday to begin serving his sentence in the hoax seen around the world.

Heene's sons piled into the back seat as he and his wife Mayumi left their home around 8 a.m. The couple refused to answer question.

For some reason, their van's back window had been replaced with plastic sheeting.

40 minutes later, the Heenes rolled up at the Larimer County Detention Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. They asked directions from two officers, and then parked.

Heene sprinted into the building, clutching a white plastic shopping bag. But he came right back out to drop off his sunglasses with his wife. Then he went back in, this time for good.

"He, as well as his pod-mates are going to be involved in basic hygiene issues like mopping floors and sweeping and cleaning up the area," said Larimer County Sheriff's Lieutenant Pat McCosh.

Heene was sentenced to 30 days in jail, although he could get time off for good behavior.

His former business partner says Heene will have a hard time behind bars.

"He's going to go bonkers in jail, because he's so high energy. They'll probably regulate his sugar," Scott Stevens told INSIDE EDITION.