Shake and Bake Meth Lab Dangers

Homemade meth labs are on the rise and cops say the illegal act is blowing up in the maker's faces - literally. INSIDE EDITION also explores the dangers of shake and bake meth labs.

The dangers of meth are permanently etched on 31-year-old Heather Raybon's face. 

Now an alarming new study says one-third of the patients in many hospital burn units are there because of a dangerous new method of making the drug that can actually blow up in their faces.  

It's called "shake-and-bake,"a simple way to make meth by shaking the raw, unstable chemicals in a plastic soda bottle as shown on the Discovery Channel's American Underworld.

A police video demonstrated how the volatile mixture can become a fireball just by knocking over the bottle.

A similar meth explosion nearly blew off Raybon's face. 

In 2003, Raybon was a beautiful woman, but in 2004 her face became a hideous mask.

Since then, Raybon has been arrested six times on meth charges and pleaded no contest each time.

Sgt. Scott Haines told INSIDE EDITION, "She has gone through, I don't know how many surgeries. The sad thing about it is that she has recently been involved in the same activties again."

Surveillance footage after Raybon's most recent arrest shows her being frisked and having her mugshot taken yet again.

Cops doubt this once beautiful woman has learned her lesson.