Is This America's Safest House?

Could this be the safest house in America? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Lana and Al Corbi live in a 10-thousand square foot mansion in the Hollywood Hills that's one of the safest homes in America and it's up for sale.

Al is a world famous security expert and he built the estate to protect his family.

Security starts with a gated entry and multiple surveillance cameras. If an intruder is detected, an image is sent directly to the homeowner's iPad.

Inside the home, there are two safe cores, it's an entire section of house isolated from the rest of the home.

The doors that lead to the safe core are virtuarlly impenetrable. The four inch door is bullet proof and comes with a small guillotine that drops down to seal off potential biochemical attacks.

Inside the safe cores are six luxorious bedrooms. You'd never know you're inside a fortress.

Even the bed itself in the master suite is blast proof.

If an intruder somehow makes it into the safecores, there are two panic rooms complete with computerized security control panels.
Some of the doors can only be opened using a fingerprint scanner and the roof top deck isn't just for design, it actually leads to a helipad.

Even the theater has a secret escape door that we weren't allowed to show and 20 feet below ground, there is even a bomb shelter.

It's a safe bet that whoever buys this house can sleep safe and sound.

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