Seal Team Six's New Take Down

While President Obama was giving The State of the Union address is Washington on Tuesday night, Seal Team Six raided and took down Somali pirates that held an American hostage. INSIDE EDITION explains.

We're learning more about that daring raid on a Somali pirate compound that freed a U.S hostage.

32-year-old Jessica Buchanan, a volunteer with an international aid organization, was kidnapped last October and held for ransom.  

Navy Seal Team Six, the same special forces unit that took down Osama Bin Laden last May, parachuted into a compound where Buchanan was being held in a remote region of Somalia near the border with Ethiopia.

They killed nine kidnappers, rescued Buchanan and also freed a 60-year-old Danish relief worker held captive with her.

The pair had been working together at a Somali refugee camp.  

Buchanan is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College in Pennsylvania. She has dedicated her life to relief work in Africa.

INSIDE EDITION talked with College President Reverend Don Meyer via Skype.

Reverend Meyer spoke to her parents and said, "They are very encouraged with how well she is doing. They are anxious to be reunited as soon as possible."

The first hint that a secret military mission was under way came as President Obama entered the house chamber for the State of the Union address, he winked at Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

"Leon. Good job tonight! Good job tonight," said Obama to Panetta.

Millions watching had no inkling the President was referring to a daring Navy Seal operation.

The overall Commander of the Seals team, Admiral William McCraven, was in the gallery, a special guest of  First Lady Michelle.  

The President did not refer to the mission in his speech because the Navy Seals had not yet returned to base.

But just minutes after stepping off the podium he personally called Jessica's father to tell him his daughter is safe. The First Lady, was at his side.

The President told him, "All Americans have Jessica in our thoughts and prayers. The United States does not tolerate the abduction of our people and will spare no effort to secure the safety of our citizens."

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerny trained with the Navy Seals last summer and learned about the tough training they receive to pull off missions such as rescuing Buchanan.

Now, Buchanan knows how brave and daring the Seals really are.