The True Grit Granny

A fearless Florida granny used the tactics she learned from her hero, John Wayne's film and applied it on an intruder on her property. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was like a scene from a John Wayne movie, but a real-life drama for a pistol-packin' Florida woman had her show off her true grit.

64-year-old Karen Granville may look as if she should be starring in Driving Miss Daisy, but that's where you're wrong, partner. Her all-time hero is the legendary movie icon, John Wayne.

In fact, her home in Daytona, Florida is a veritable shrine to "The Duke."

Granville was watching the John Wayne classic, Rio Bravo, long past midnight on Tuesday when suddenly, she heard a disturbance and went into John Wayne mode.

Granvile tells INSIDE EDITION, "I was watching my John Wayne movie and a helicopter came over."

It was a police helicopter flying over. She took out her .38 caliber revolver, went outside and saw a man trying to hop over her fence in her backyard.

He abandoned a car in her driveway.

Granville, outside pointing her gun told INSIDE EDITION, "I just kept saying 'Don't you move! Don't you move a muscle. I will definitley shoot you.' He put his hands behind his head and I said, 'I told you not to move.' He said, 'Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me.' Then the cop came and threw him on the ground."

They arrested car theif, Roderick Willis on a variety of charges, including drug possession.

And life was back to normal for Granville, whose Hollywood hero showed her the way.

"I was never scared, never, never, no," says Granville.