The Finger Point Seen Around the World

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the finger point seen around the world as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer points her finger at President Obama when he arrived in Phoenix.

It's the picture that has everyone talking. 

President Obama and the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, in an angry encounter at the airport in Phoenix.

Brewer said at a press conferance after the incident,"I felt a bit threatened, if you will."

The shocking statement is stirring a firestorm.

Asked about pointing her finger in the face of the President, Brewer says it's just her way of speaking.

Brewer said on Greta Van Sustren, "I talk with my hands. I suppose the picture was probably shot when I was moving my hands around."

The bad blood between Obama and Brewer stems from the Governor's recent memoir, Scorpions for Breakfast. In it she describes a 2010 meeting in the Oval Office about immigration policy.

"I felt a little bit like I was being lectured to," she writes, "And I was a little kid in a classroom, if you will, and he was this wise professor and I was this little kid," writes Brewer.  

The White Houses says her description of the sit down quote "inaccurately describes the meeting between the two."

"I wanted to be there to welcome him, to come and see first hand what Arizona has done in regaurds to our economic recovery. He wanted to talk about the book and was a little bit disenchanted about, if you will, about how he was portrayed. I thought he was pretty thin skinned," Brewer declared in the presser.

Obama was asked about the encounter during a stop in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Brewer is known for her tough stand on illegal immigration, her critics say she used scare tactics during her last campaign.

Brewer said the photo is being overblown.

"I was not hostile I was trying to be gracious.  I have respect for the office of the President and I would never be disrespectful in that manner," Brewer told reporters.