Was Demi Moore High on Laughing Gas When She Collapsed?

Was Demi Moore high on laughing gas when she collapsed? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Was Demi Moore high on laughing gas when she collapsed in her Beverly Hills home?

Her friend who called 911 reportedly claims that Moore was doing whip-its, hits of nitros oxide, also known as laughing gas. It's popular with young people looking for a fast, cheap high.

Moore is being treated at Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles and the question now is, why would someone of her status, a 49-year-old movie star, use a drug typically inhaled by teenagers and broke college kids?
Addiction expert Doctor Marty Brenner says, "Its a quick, fast high," says Dr. Brenner, "She is in emotional meltdown right now, if it was not the whip-it, it could have been something else. She is reaching out for help."

One possible explantion for Moore's alleged attraction to laughing gas is her apparent obsession with young people.
The Chicago Sun-Times quotes a family friend as saying, "You've heard about someone having a 'daddy' complex...Well Demi has a 'daughter' complex. She's a great mom but.. She's more like a pal than a parent."

Moore's best friend is said to be her 23-year-old daughter Rumer, they were out partying just days before the breakdown.

Photographers caught up with Rumer on her way to the hospital to visit her mom and asked, "How's your mom?" But she didn't want to say anything.

Ashton Kutcher is now reportedly on his way back from Brazil.

The night after Moore was rushed to the hospital, he was spotted at a Bruno Mars concert, fist pumping along to the music, and with an unidentified blonde by his side.