Celebrities Getting Paid to Tweet

INSIDE EDITION explores how celebrities are getting paid to endorse products via Twitter.

Can you believe that Kim Kardashian actually gets paid $10,000 for a single tweet?

It's the shocking business of celebrity tweets revealed in the new issue of New York Magazine.

And Kardashian isn't even the highest paid star.

Believe it or not, Charlie Sheen earned around $50,000 per tweet during his notorious meltdown in 2011.

Amy Odell, a senior writer at New York Magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "The more Twitter followers a celebrity has, the more money they can make from an endorsement deal. You look at someone like Kim Kardashian, she has almost 13 million followers. Or Charlie Sheen, he may be kind of nuts, but he has over six million followers and that is very valuable for these companies looking for celebrities to endorse their products."

Another top earner on Twitter is Snoop Dogg, who has 6.2 million followers and gets $8,000 per tweet. A star like Paula Abdul, who has 2.2 million followers, earns around $5,000 per tweet.

So, are they worth it?

Celebs do get results. When Sheen tweeted about the website internships.com, it actually got 450,000 hits in 48 hours.

Surprisingly, the stars don't even write the tweets themselves.

"Often it's not celebrities that are writing their own tweets, just like celbrities don't really write their own books. There are ghost writers involved who will do a lot of the tweet writing," says Odell.