The Former Plus Sized Model's Dramatic Weight Loss

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on former plus sized model, Crystal Renn's dramatic weight loss that has sparked outrage.

She was a plus size model who embraced her curves.

But now Crystal Renn is being called a traitor for losing weight.

The controversy started when Renn appeared on the red carpet last week at the premiere of Madonna's new movie, W.E., wearing a skintight Zac Pozen dress. Everyone noticed how much thinnner she looked. She looked like a different woman than she did a year ago.

But instead of winning praise for losing weight, the editor of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones, told, "Now she's turned against us."

"A lot of readers aspired to be like her. Now they feel betrayed by the fashion icon they helped make a star," says Jones.

The editor also expressed disbelief about how Renn says she dropped the pounds.

"You don't lose that much weight doing yoga and hiking! You have to put a lot of effort to go from a 14 to a size 6. She insulted our intelligence," says Jones.

Emme is the most successful plus size model ever. She told INSIDE EDITION, "You really have to look at the industry and not blame the model."

Renn has been open about her history of eating disorders. She wrote a memoir about her struggles, called Hungry.

"There are choices that every model has to make. Whethere she is going to succumb to the pressure or she is going to take a stand and figure out what is healthy for her," said Emme.