Reaction Pours In Over Demi Moore's 911 Call Being Released & Reports Say She May Have Used K2

George Clooney blasts the Los Angeles Police Department for releasing the 911 calls made from Demi Moore's house the night she collapsed. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"Stupid." That's what George Clooney is calling the public release of that dramatic 911call after Demi Moore collapsed in convulsions.

At Sunday night's SAG Awards, Clooney said the 911 call should have been kept private and blasted Los Angeles police for releasing it to the public.

Clooney said, "I think it's a stupid thing. I think it's stupid for anyone, whether they're celebrated or not. I don't believe their 911 call should be broadcast around the world."

Meanwhile, we're learning new details about the chaos inside Moore's Beverly Hills house where the 911 call was made.

In the 911 call, the operator asked, "Tell me exactly what happened there."

"She smoked something. It's not marijuana but it's similar to, it's similar to incense and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort, " the caller responded.

So what was Moore smoking? 

It was reportedly a synthetic form of marijuana known as K2 or spice, often marketed as an "herbal incense" and until recently it was legal. But you can still buy it in some smoke shops.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent went undercover and bought a bag in a New York City smoke shop without any problem.

K2 has been touted as an alternative to marijuana and YouTube is filled with videos about it.

Addiction expert Dr. Charles Sophy told INSIDE EDITION, "The side effects can be anything from dizziness to a seizure, to blacking out. Many, many people don't understand the significance of it because its sold over the counter."

Moore reportedly smoked K2 along with inhaling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. That information was apparently deleted from the 911 call made public by authorities, because of privacy issues.

Moore has not surfaced in public since she was released from the hospital.

Her daughter, Rumor was spotted Sunday night at a SAG Awards after party. It turns out that  Rumor, whose nickame is Ru, was home when the 911 call was made.