Christina Aguilera's Faux Pas at Etta James' Funeral

Christina Aguilera choice of wardrobe and spray tan issue at Etta James'  funeral is causing uproar. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Christina Aguilera belted out "At Last," the signature song of the late Etta James.

It was a heartfelt performance at a memorial for the legendary singer, who died last week after a long battle with leukemia.

Aguilera says James was her inspiration. Before singing at the funeral, she said, "I've aspired to sing like her, to be like her, to emulate her notes and her passion and the love for what she did I could feel it."

But there was a huge glitch. Aguilera's spray-on tan started dripping down her legs. Aguilera was trying to wipe away the tan lotion when she first walked out onto the stage.

And there's another controversy. Aguilera's dress too low cut and revealing for a memorial service?

On INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page, our viewers weighed in on Aguilera's wardrobe choice.

Nicole says, "I think she should have been more respectful"

And Michelle called the dress "Too revealing."

But others like Shelley said "Nothing wrong with it"