The Woman Who Lost 500 Pounds

Anyone struggling with their weight will be encouraged by the story of Melissa Morris who lost a remarkable 500 pounds. INSIDE EDITION talks to a much leaner and happier Morris today.

Melissa Morris weighed 635 pounds. She rarely left her house and needed a scooter to get around.

Desperate to lose weight, she had gastric bypass surgery and the pounds started to fall off. She lost 500 pounds.

It's a truly remarkable transformation.

"I never imagined that I would be here where I am today. Not even in my wildest dreams," Morris told INSIDE EDITION.

Morris showed INSIDE EDITION her old skirt, that measured 4 feet across.

"I didn't walk around, I didn't move, I literally was trapped where I was at," said Morris.

Now Morris has a full-time job and she's married with a one-year-old baby girl.

Her inspiring story is the subject of a new documentary: My 600 Pound Life, airing Thursday on TLC.