Is Demi Moore in Danger?

Is Demi Moore's life in danger given her recent troubles with substances and her situation with Ashton Kutcher? INSIDE EDITION tells.

Is Demi Moore's life in danger?

That's the stunning front page headline on the new issue of People Magazine out Friday.

Inside the magazine friends paint a disturbing picture of the once vibrant star whose life has spiraled out of control.

According to People, paramedics were shocked by Moore's appearance, she was so bone thin, they thought she was a cancer patient.

People Magazine assistant editor, Jen Garcia tells INSIDE EDITION, "Demi Moore has unfortunatly been behaving sort of erratically over the past few months, especially since she split with Ashton [Kutcher] in November. But sources tell us the problems have been going on before that."

The magazine quotes a friend who says Moore and Ashton Kutcher had an open marriage and "Never required a total fidelity from each other."

As her relationship with Kutcher deteriorated, friends say her behavior became more and more bizarre.

Moore was filmed dirty dancing at a Snoop Dogg concert in Las Vegas and was seen grinding on 28-year-old Ryan Rottman, the star of 90210, at a party just one week before her breakdown.

"It has really been generally embarrasing for her and it's a struggle she has been facing for years and years," said Garcia.