The Mother Struck With Sudden Amnesia Leaves Her Kids in a Car For 12 Hours

INSIDE EDITION has the 911 call and an interview with the husband whoes wife had a lapse of amnesia and left her kids in a car for over 12 hours.

A manager of a gas station outside Denver, Colorado made a call to 911 after discovering two little boys abandoned in a van for more than two hours and their mom nowhere to be found.

Caller: "There's two kids sitting in that car and there's a phone and a wallet sitting in there and the keys are in there, but nobody seems to know where the parents are."

911 operator: "And how long have they been there?

Caller: "They've been here for over a couple hours."

The missing mom, Sarah Hatfield, is now at the center of a baffling medical mystery.  

Hatfield says she suffered amnesia and has no memory of how she disappeared without a trace for 12 hours last weekend.   

Her husband Matt told INSIDE EDITION he finally received a call from his wife after she turned up at a hospital, 11 miles away from where their two kids were found in the van. 

"She genuinly has no recollection of the events. Last thing she remembers is pulling into a gas station and waiting in line for gas," says Matt.

Sarah Hatfield is now out on bail after being charged with child abuse. She has pled "not guilty."

Doctors believe she may have suffered a seizure that caused her amnesia. But is she faking it?

Her husband says drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as the cause of why a seemingly healthy mom would abandon her kids and have no memory of what happened.