More Clues Emerge in Grosse Pointe Murder

According to police, a former employee of Bob Barshara has confessed that someone paid him to strangle Bashara's wife, Jane. What does this mean for the husband who has been named a person of interest, but has denied any involvement in his wife&#39

There are stunning developments in the brutal murder of a wealthy wife in one of the richest towns in America.

Police are examining a leather jacket which may have been worn by one of the killers. Scratches can be seen in the leather which investigators believe could have been made by 56-year-old Jane Bashara as she bravely fought with her attackers in her home.

The jacket belongs to Joe Gentz. Published reports say after turning himself in, he confessed to police that he was paid $2,000 to strangle Jane Bashara and stuff her body in her Mercedes SUV and drive it to an alley in Detroit.  

Gentz used to work for the slain woman's husband, Bob Bashara, who police say is a person of interest in the murder.

A prominent Detroit defense attorney arrived at the Bashara home minutes after Bob Bashara and his son and daughter returned from the victim's funeral. He said the children are standing by their father.

Referring to Gentz, a reporter asked, "His credibility is questionable?"

"Very questionable. But out of respect for Jane Bashara, I have no other comment," said the attorney. "This is a very difficult time having lost their mother. They have nothing but love and support for their father."

Bob Bashara is a former Rotary Club president. He likes to be called Big Bob. Even his license plate reads: "Big Bob B."

Published reports say he was having an affair and was buying his girlfriend a house despite having serious financial problems. He has denied any involvement in his wife's murder.