The Mother Struck With Sudden Amnesia Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

The mother who says she was struck with sudden amnesia when she left her kids in a car for over 12 hours speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the incident that caught the nation's attention.

The mom at the center of a baffling mystery says her four-year-old son told her, "Mommy, you lost me," after cops say she abandoned him at a gas station.

Sarah Hatfield says she has no memory of how she disappeared without a trace for 12 hours last weekend.

Now, she's out on bail after being charged with two counts of child abuse and her two boys are in protective custody. 

Hatfield told INSIDE EDITION, "When I left this morning, he said, 'You're not going to lose me again.'

The last thing Hatfield remembers is "pulling into the gas station," she tells INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

12 hours later, she turned up at a hospital, 11 miles from where the two kids were found in the van. She says she felt sore and thinks she walked the whole way there.

Hatfield's doctors in Denver, Colorado believe her migraines were so intense they could have triggered memory loss. Other possible causes are an epileptic seizure or temporary amnesia.

But skeptics are raising another possibility, that Hafield could be faking it.

McInerney asked, "Did you really suffer memory loss or are you faking it?"

Hatfield replied, "I wish I could remember so I could tell people what happened."

Sarah's husband Matt is standing by her.

McInerney asked if he was worried that this could happen again.

"Absolutely, who wouldn't be," Matt replied.