Missing Baby Lisa's Parents Speak Out on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil talks to INSIDE EDITION about his interview with the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin as the unsolved investigation continues.

The parents of baby Lisa Irwin, the Kansas City infant missing since October, are speaking out.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin will appear on Dr. Phil Friday with their attorney and are challenged on disturbing inconsistencies in their story.

Dr. Phil said, "You reported that the lights in the house were turned off and you went to bed. Jeremy comes home at four A.M. and all the lights were on. Obviously whoever took the baby wouldn't go through the house and turn the lights on." 

Bradley responded, "To me it is just nonsense. It is just picking my wings apart. When he came into the bedroom that morning and woke me up, and said 'All the lights are on in the house,' was a total exaggeration."

Investigators have reached a dead end in the case.

Dr. Phil told to INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville he believes someone is looking after baby Lisa.

"Deborah, I do think the baby is still alive. I have to tell you, I could not, after this interview, cross the mother and father off of the suspect list. But I will say, that I did feel there was authentic emotion coming particularly from the mother about this baby's disapearance," said Dr. Phil. 

Surveillance footage shows Bradley buying alcohol just hours before baby Lisa disappeared.

Bradley has admitted she was drunk the night baby Lisa vanished.

Norville asked Dr. Phil, "Critics will say that this couple should be telling everything to authorities and not a national television show."

Dr. Phil responded, "I think there is two sides to that. As I said to them, 'you should be talking to Kansas City law enforcement.' Of course you can feel persecuted that they seem to only be looking at you, but these are the professionals trying to find the baby."