Cheerleader Raises Eyebrows Over Muscular Physique

She's the cheerleader who has fitness experts questioning how she got her amazing muscles. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the young woman who says it’s all natural.

She's the pretty cheerleader who's, well, really ripped.

Anna Watson's bulging biceps make her standout on the sidelines at the University of Georgia. Her body is a sharp contrast to another cheerleaders on the team.

Watson worked out several hours a day to get her muscular shape. But the body she's worked so hard to sculpt is causing a national controversy, with many wondering if it's all natural.  

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Watson, "Did you ever use steroids?"

"I never used it. I use whey protein which is found in milk. It's a natural thing as a supplement," said Watson.

But many in the world of body building don't believe her. One blogger wrote on "Here is a girl whose steroid use is obvious to even the most novice of bodybuilders."

"It's hard when I hear stuff like that. It hurts me," said Watson.

Watson's dad and mom, Jon and Cindy say it's tough for them to hear the criticism too.

Cindy said, "When I hear that, it hurts me. Because it's like they're calling her a liar when I know that's not her character. But she has been in the gym since she was 5 years old doing gymnastics. So she's always had these amazing arms and abs."

But Watson doesn't let the cynics get her down. She was eager to go when Trent challeged her to arm wrestle. And yes, she beat him.

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