INSIDE EDITION puts "Backwards Girl's" Skills to the Test

INSIDE EDITION tries to stump Alyssa Kramer, the girl that can repeat any word backward.

She looks like a normal teenager, but give her a word, any word, and she'll instantly repeat it backwards.

Fourteen-year-old Alyssa Kramer of Poteau, Oklahoma shot to fame when a YouTube video showing her astonishing gift went viral.

How long has she been able to do this?

Kramer told INSIDE EDITION, "When someone asks me a word, I see it spelled in my head, and my brain flips it for me."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd put Kramer to the test. Shockingly, she flipped everything he threw at her. From "Inside Edition," "Barack Obama," "complimentary" to "Deborah Norville." She repeated them backwards without an issue.

Boyd even hauled out a medical dictionary to try to stump Kramer. But even words like "anaesthesia" and "Heimlich maneuver" were a breeze for the teen.

Boyd had one last challenge for the Oklahoma kid.

"One more word: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" he said.

Immediately, Kramer flipped it.

Boyd then conceded defeat.

"I give up! Congratulations," he told Kramer.