Controversy Brews Behind the Scenes of the Super Bowl

From cheerleader warm-ups to controversy over an NFL player and porn star, INSIDE EDITION is on the scene as Super Bowl frenzy hits fever pitch.

Talk about a welcome wagon! The cheerleaders from the Super Bowl's host city of Indianapolis greeted INSIDE EDITION and are ready to get the party started.

The cheerleaders from the Indianapolis Colts strutted their stuff, cowboy-style, in white chaps and bare midriffs. They sure know how to whip up a crowd! The girls shook their pom-poms (and just about everything else) at a celebrity flag football game.

Meanwhile, people are rallying around supermodel Gisele Bundchen, wife of New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady.

Bundchen had come under some snarky criticism for sending an email asking family and friends to pray for her husband during Sunday's big game.

"Pray for him, so he can feel confident, healthy and strong," the email read.   

Today, she's getting big celebrity support.

Katie Couric tweeted: "Even though I'm rooting for the Giants, I think Gisele's email asking people to pray for her husband was sweet."

Porn star Bibi Jones stirred things up a few weeks back when she tweeted a naughty photo of her wearing star tight end Ron Gronkowski's #87 jersey. Gronkowski stood shirtless in the background.

She told INSIDE EDITION that she's worried she'll be the target of fans' anger if the Superbowl goes poorly for Gronkowski. The tight end is suffering from a serious ankle injury and if he plays, may not be at his best.

"If the team loses, I get blamed for it," Jones said.