A Man With a Mission to Spread Kindness Every Day of the Year

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Ryan Garcia, a man who may be America's nicest guy. Garcia's goal is to perform a random act of kindness every day of the year.

Ryan Garcia may be America's nicest guy. He hugs random strangers, leaves money at vending machines, and gives cash to the homeless.

Garcia has a dream to perform one kind act each day for the entire year. That's 366 random acts of kindness, given that 2012 is a leap year. He has a website that documents each kind gesture; 37 so far, 329 to go.

INSIDE EDITION was with the Chicago resident when he surprised a former co-worker, Donna Lawrence, at Union Station.

Garcia said to Lawrence, "You're my random act of kindness today. I'm paying for your train ticket to the Metro for the next three months."  

Lawrence responded, "You're kidding." She was overwhelmed by Garcia's generosity.  

"It could not have come at a better time," Lawrence told INSIDE EDITION.

Even Chicago commuters are shocked by Garcia's benevolence.

One commuter, Teri Zima said, "It's amazing how big people's hearts can be."  

Garcia's gift giving continued. He and his wife, Lindsey took Army Staff Sgt. John LaGiglia and his family to a basketball game at Northwestern University.

LaGiglia said, "It's nice to have the kids out to a basketball game, they've never been to a basketball game before. It was a wonderful experience for us. Something we'll always remember."  

What makes the 30-year-old sales rep's good deeds so meaningful is that he's not a wealthy man. Every gesture is a financial sacrifice but that's not what he's thinking about now.   

"Hopefully people will pass it on to others. Hopefully they will see one act and do something for their friend or do something for their neighbor," said Garcia.