Lindsey Walker is World's Tallest Transsexual

Seven-foot-tall Lindsay Walker holds a world record—not for being the tallest woman—but for being the tallest transgendered person. INSIDE EDITION talks to Walker about making the transition.

At seven-feet-tall, she is used to turning heads.

Lindsey Walker has to duck under doorways and, not surprisingly, Walker holds a world record, but not for being the tallest woman.

"I'm the world's tallest transsexual," Walker told INSIDE EDITION.

Lindsey Walker was born Andrew Walker. Always taller than everyone, Andrew had plenty of girlfriends. "I was a good-looking guy back then," said Walker, "I got hit on quite often."

But Walker says the boy everyone saw on the outside was battling inner turmoil, even shame. Her desire to be a woman became impossible to repress.

Walker said, "I would go to bed every night wishing that I'd wake up as a girl. I was trying to do every manly thing possible to hold it back."

For a while it worked. No one suspected the seven-foot-tall college basketball player was secretly wearing women's clothes.

"They never thought as a seven-foot person I would be dressing as a girl. They never suspected it," says Walker.

By the time Andrew was 21 years old, he was making the transition to living as a woman.

Andrew became Lindsey. She grew her hair long, began female hormone therapy, and underwent painful electrolysis treatments to remove unwanted hair. Walker said, "I have very little facial hair left."

Walker is now 26 and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She says when you are seven-feet-tall and transgendered, you always stand out.

Walker embraces all things feminine such as treating herself to a day at the salon, where she catches up on the Hollywood gossip and gets her nails done.

"Every girl likes to get pampered," Walker said.

Her past as Andrew is now a distant memory, and Walker says she is finally happy and is hoping to meet someone who will accept her for who she is.

"Do I want to get married? Yeah, someday," says Walker.